Monday, April 3, 2017

371 - Warn the OTHERS

The trip was long and difficult, but you've finally made it back to the GATES OF MOUSEHOLD. You saw the PORTENT, of that you can be sure. As KING of the MOUSETEC, it is your duty to see to the safety of your people in this HOUR OF DOOM.

You've always had your DOUBTS about whether the GYPSY WOMAN'S PROPHECY was accurate. What a fool you were to not take her seriously. But... perhaps it is not too late.

You confide in SCAR (your loyal, grizzled GUARDSMOUSE) about your WORRIES. He has always supported you, even helping you to get past those gnawing SUSPICIONS that there were some MICE within the KINGDOM that were trying to bring about the APOCALYPSE and destroy all that you have built. Haha, what foolish notions those were, eh?

All that's left is to warn your SUBJECTS and evacuate. Come on, SCAR. SCAR?

>Enter the FOOD COURT


RoverDaddy said...

Trick SCAR into monologuing.

Tom said...

set DYING WORDS to "et tu, Scar?"
be DEAD?

Ray Yaegle said...

Appease the MOUSETEC GODS with an offering of FROMAGE, PETITE.

Totally Not Ray said...

Find a PUPPY.