Monday, March 13, 2017

362 - Determine POLL RESULTS

The WRITER pauses the WEBCOMIC and comes in to talk to the CHARACTERS. It seems there's a PROBLEM. In the POLL to see who would "Go EAST," there was a three-way tie between the MERCENARY, the SCHOLAR, and the CAPTAIN. The WRITER decides to take matters into his own HANDS and resolve it in the BEST POSSIBLE WAY.

/Andrew rolls 3d6

The results: Scholar 6, Captain 4, Mercenary 1.

The SCHOLAR and the CAPTAIN would proceed to the EAST in the next EPISODE. Great, good job everyone. The MERCENARY and the PRISONER would stay behind and--Wait, where's the PRISONER?

Oh, he's threatening an old ANCILLARY CHARACTER and demanding that the MULE KICK MINION surrender either his MONEY or his LIFE. Oh, that PRISONER. What a CARD!

>Finally, go EAST

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Ray Yaegle said...

Give the PRISONER +1 Life.