Wednesday, March 15, 2017

363 - Finally, Go EAST

With a final gift from the MERCENARY, the CAPTAIN and SCHOLAR head through the EASTERN DOOR.

You are in a LOBBY.

According to the SIGN, this appears to be some kind of MUSEUM. Two DISPLAYS are visible, currently being examined by a pair of TOURISTS. Some kind of ANCIENT SODA DISPENSING DEVICE is plugged in near the door, with a CLAY AND AMETHYST SKULL sitting on top of it. You can also see DECORATIVE POTTED FLORA and a MUSEUM DONATION BOX.

Exits are WEST, NORTH, and EAST.

What do you do?



Spareparts said...

Nick the obvious SKULL OF POWER from the vending machine.

Anonymous said...

Get a soda from the vending machine and then take the clay skull.

Ray Yaegle said...

Take SKULL and proceed toward EXHIBITION HALL.

Unknown said...

Chase off the tourists (?). Smash the glass vases, and put on the HISTORICAL DISGUISES. C