Monday, May 23, 2011

Moving Week!

I am moving to a new RESIDENCE! This week will be taken up by packing BOXES and moving said BOXES, and with the VICIOUS COMPLICATIONS arising from switching TEH INTERNETS from one PLACE to the next, I'm just going to go ahead and take the week off from WICKED AWESOME ADVENTURE. The WEBCOMIC will resume when I get INTERNET ACCESS at the new PLACE on JUNE FIRST. Wish me LUCK and thanks for reading the COMIC and giving me such fun SUGGESTIONS!


ADDITIONALLY! Should you have any W.A.A. ART or GUEST COMICS to submit, feel free to send them in via the CONTACT E-MAIL ADDRESS and I'll (probably) put them up this week!

UPDATE! I won't be getting TEH INTERNETS at my new place until the end of next week! So next update (hopefully) on FRIDAY, JUNE THIRD! Sorry!


Anonymous said...

BRIBE friends with PIZZA and BEER to accelerate the moving process.

Anonymous said...

Acquire excellent LUCK in moving. Have a small wicked awesome BOX ADVENTURE.

Anonymous said...

The anticipation is literally killing me. Figuratively.

Anonymous said...

I so totally want to play a webcomic adventure game of a little Andrew character settling into a new residence and neighborhood rather than the normal wicked awesome adventures now. I'm sure the update will realign me.

Anonymous said...