Wednesday, May 4, 2011

319 - Back to the PRESENT

You arrive back in your own TIME and SPACE (which appears to be the BUREAUCRAT'S OFFICE) with your unconscious MISTRESS in tow. The PINK ELEPHANT, now wearing the AWESOME TRAFFIC CONE HAT, smiles approvingly before beginning to fade. His TIME, it would seem, is at an end, possibly because you're sobering up a bit.

Before he goes, he offers you a bit of CRYPTIC ADVICE. But since you don't speak ELEPHANTESE, you have no idea what he says. How disappointing! Still, his SMILE is reassuring. Also creepy, but at least partially reassuring.

For a moment, you are alone in the ROOM, engulfed with a sudden SILENCE.

Then JET wakes up.

>Jet: Immediately investigate HAPPENINGS and continue QUEST


Anonymous said...


obes said...

swtich player character status, jet becomes the follower because of her dazed and confused state post coma.

also, pose so she can check out your new digs.

jet should check her inventory.

Chaud said...

exit stage right go find manbreath query locals