Thursday, May 19, 2011


You don the RED DOMINO MASK, HEAD-KER-CHIEF, and WHITE COTTON GLOVES you took from the unconscious (now dead) CORSAIR PIRATE. Your disguise is perfect*! Dual wielding your STYLIZER and a FLINTLOCK PISTOL, you leap atop a (recently vacated) BARREL and start firing across the BRIDGE. M. Bison joins in beside you, armed with a BRACE OF PISTOLS and raw COMBAT INSTINCTS.

Bang, bang! Woot, woot!


*Your disguise may be fool-proof, but Steelwood Corsair is no fool. He does not appear to mind your participation, though.


Chaud said...

run out of bullets and hop down and go talk to public help and information to find out where nearest ammo store is or where manbreath is whichever is closer head off through alley to beat up the prodigal son for money cause if its one thing that all bureaucrats want and have its money

Tom said...

use BRILLIANT TACTICAL MIND and determine BARREL is best used as COVER, not PERCH

(side note: the disguise was for the ninjas, so that if we need to get on their good side they won't hold the battle against us)

CageyJay said...

Wonder if there can be too much of a WICKED AWESOME THING, but add the use of the GARDEN HOSE anyway. Wha-TCH!


Anonymous said...

SURVIVE May 21st.