Tuesday, May 3, 2011

317 - Reluctantly imbibe TEA

Spilling things on him won't work, distractions aren't working, and running probably won't get you anywhere.


You reluctantly give the ELEPHANT your TRAFFIC CONE HAT and accept the new TEA that the ELEPHANT has produced...

...and you drink it.

You feel weird. The ELEPHANT smiles approvingly at you, waving his TRUNK merrily in your direction as you seem to fade....

YOU GOT: The ability to see through SPACE-TIME!

You drift for a bit through the EDDIES of TIME and SPACE, passing through on a bumpy, wandering ride. Through your DRUNKEN HAZE and CHRONOSPACIAL DISORIENTATION you focus on finding JET and slowly but surely, you are drawn toward her.

You invisibly arrive in a DYSTOPIAN FUTURE, in the middle of a massive night-darkened CITY*. JET lies on the ROOF of a BUILDING, next to a RED-HAIRED MAN and an old POLICE BOX. The MAN has his HANDS up and is warily eying two CANDAEMONS wielding PISTOLS.

You're not sure if you can affect the goings on in this DIMENSION, but just in case...

What do you do?

*This is definitely a PARALLEL DIMENSION and/or the FUTURE, since the ART STYLE looks kinda different.


Maridee said...

congratulate Doctor on finally getting to be ginger.

expertly use military techniques to skewer candaemons.

discover that spacetime continuum rip has caused you to vomit out your drunkenness.

Chaud said...

Say hi to The Doctor(yes it is The Doctor this time) then while everyone is distracted by time and space speaking to them you vomit your stuffed innards all over them and since your current acholol level was over 200% the large amount of acholol concentrated melts through the candaemons or their guns if Alan were here he would say that is impossible but in your drunken and chronologically susceptible state you rationalize it using the Funny Rule

stuartmonkeysmith said...

Can the Fisty-musket-thingy grab things?
If so, grab Jet, return

mooman72v2 said...

Try to enter TARDIS and HIDE OUT until you SOBER UP.