Tuesday, May 10, 2011

322 - Check INVENTORY, head OUTSIDE

You put away your SHADES and check the rest of your INVENTORY. It's just as you left it, you think. You also check your BISON'S ALCOHOL LEVEL--- and he's lapping up GROG. He's rated as FAIRLY SMASHED on the HIGGS-BUDSON DRUNKNESS SCALE. You're going to need to find him some COFFEE or some other HANGOVER CURE to help him sober up--- if you don't keep it for yourself (just in case of emergency alcoholism).

So, last you remember, you've made DEALS with two PIRATE LORDS, STEELWOOD CORSAIR and MANBREATH THREEPLANK. You are now looking for the third and last PIRATE LORD who is in the running to rule the PIRATE SOUTH, a captain named IRONBEARD McBEARD. You are attempting to elect one of them (or yourself) leader by sabotaging the others. It is a fairly straightforward quest.

You also note in your MENTAL QUEST LOG that you're still on the lookout for ELLIOT, the fellow who helped you escape from that strange UNDERWATER FACILITY. You'll keep a WEATHER EYE out for him. And for HUMIDITY and/or PRECIPITATION.

You gather your BISON and head OUTSIDE.

>Consult your DOCTOR


Maridee said...

hope no one notices Bison wig.

collect sparkly star thing on ground.

comment on tragedy with appropriate sounds of woe.

Anonymous said...

Comment to PIRATE DOCTOR that it might be a case of LUPUS.*

*It's never lupus... until it is.
(We need more tropes damnit!)

mooman72v2 said...

Ask PIRATE DOCTOR if he has any COFFEE. See if he minds you LOOTING the CORPSE, if it doesn't go all zombie on you.

Chaud said...

Talk to doctor about hangover cure get a complicated chemical formula comment about how your a girl of action not a guy of science then punch him in face take any pills and or drugs he has on him and feed to bison.....you have not been very responsible lately