Wednesday, April 27, 2011

315 - Look at PIRATE on DOCK

You hop up onto a BARREL (on your third try) and check out the PIRATES on the DOCK. None of them appear to be CAPTAIN MANBEARD, the only previously-mentioned NAMED PIRATE you've yet to meet. Oh man. It was harder to get up here and run through your MENTAL PIRATE MUGSHOT DATABASE than you expected. It could be that you're drun--- buzzed. It could be that you're buzzed.

You try to remember the way of figuring out your STUFFING-ALCOHOL LEVEL.  It involves... something about... your WEIGHT and the amount of ALCOHOL you've drunk. You've drank. You've drunken?

Oh goodness. According to this... your STUFFING-ALCOHOL LEVEL is about... 227%. That can't be good.






>Spill TEA

1 comment:

mooman72v2 said...

Try to make self HEAVIER to REDUCE effects of ALCOHOL. Also: Try spilling the TEA onto the PINK ELEPHANT's GREEN SHORTS. That'll scare him.