Sunday, April 3, 2011

301 - Examine MAP

You send LT. M BISON to investigate the small REMOTE CONTROL on top of the CABINETS and move to examine the MAP. It is... monumentally detailed.

From the talk of "SOUTH" and "CORSAIR ISLAND" you can locate yourself fairly easily despite how... magnificently precise the map is.

Your ISLAND appears to be the CAPITAL of the SOUTH, but is only one of... 372.8 ISLANDS. Each of them have a NAME, not only for the ISLAND itself, but also for SETTLEMENTS thereupon, and for BUILDINGS withinupon, and ROAD NAMES, and LANDMARKS and WATERMARKS and...

So many DETAILS.

Too. Many. DETAILS.

But no CANADA.

You fail to look away in time.

You cannot stop starring at the IRRATIONALLY DETAILED MAP. It is hypnotic.

At least M. BISON is fine, he should--- wait. He was going to look at the MAP with you after investigating the REMOTE CONTROL, wasn't he?

Well, CRUD.

>Look away! LOOK AWAY!!!


Anonymous said...

Try to waft some 1UP FUMES under nose.

mike said...

que inter dimensional time interferenfe from alan or rhys.

Anonymous said...

The aristocrat's son receives a book on how to stop crying? Hehehe!

Focus on the sound of the crying until it annoys you enough to break the trance and ask him to stop.