Thursday, February 24, 2011

278 - Return to RHYS

ALAN: You're right, Rhys, of course. Even if she's otherwise on the level, she'll probably want my soul--- which may or not be empirically real--- or something in exchange for my belongings. Maybe if we...
RHYS: . . .
ALAN: I thought you weren't wearing your hat, Rhys.
RHYS: Oh, I put it back on a while ago.
ALAN: Oh, OK. And, um, about your eyes.... Did they just turn bright red?
RHYS: I need some eye drops.
ALAN: Oh. That seems... plausible.
RHYS: Yes it does.
PATIENCE: Um, Alan? Sweetie...?
RHYS: Don't talk to the witch.
ALAN:  Yes, Patience?
RHYS: I said don't talk to her!
PATIENCE: I think your friend is an eldritch mirror universe abomination.
ALAN: What makes you say that?
PATIENCE: The fact that he's morphing into the destructor form of an eldritch mirror universe abomination.

ALAN:  Um, Rhys? About your semi-translucent, looming, blue, horrifying visage...?



Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Preferably taking Patience with us. No reason for a perfectly good person to die because I'm a wuss.

CageyJay said...

Question being, were we actually choosing who to go to, or were we choosing who would turn into a monster? Why didn't DoomSayer predict that this would happen? DoomSayer, you're belying your name.

Pitch URINAL CAKE BRAIN at RHYS-MONSTER. Hope that it shatters the MIRROR the RHYS-MONSTER is in.
Throw yourself on PATIENCE to shield her?

Unknown said...

Use BRAIN on RHYS to confuse him
GET PANTS from PATIENCE and BAMF! on outta there!

Or find the REAL RHYS. Either one.