Wednesday, February 23, 2011

277 - Approach PATIENCE

You begin to head over to the WITCH.

RHYS: Hold on. Something doesn't feel right.

You stop to check in with your PAL.

ALAN: Oh, I may have forgotten to mention that we're trapped in a mirror universe.
RHYS: No, not that, I've got a bad feeling about something. What's going on?
ALAN: Well, I'm heading over to--- Hi, Patience!
ALAN: ---I'm heading over to see Patience, the Witch I met downstairs, to get my pants back.
RHYS: As completely logical as that sounds, maybe you should just come back over here.
PATIENCE: What are you talking about? Who are you?
RHYS: I'm his friend, lady.
ALAN: This is Rhys, the friend I told you about?
PATIENCE: You... never mentioned a friend.
ALAN: Didn't I?
RHYS: What are you doing here, anyway, witch?
PATIENCE: I was looking for Alan to give his pants back after I cleaned them.
ALAN: Why didn't you give them to me downstairs?
PATIENCE: I assumed you had already gone upstairs, like you said you wanted to. Henry wasn't guarding the stairs anymore so I figured you'd gotten him to move somehow.
RHYS: And then you just ended up in a mirror universe thing?
PATIENCE: So did you!
RHYS: Alan, buddy, come back over here.
PATIENCE: Alan, I think there's something wrong with your friend. Come over here. Please.
ALAN: . . .

They're right. Something is wrong. Something has been bothering you for a little while now. But who should you go to?

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Andrew said...

No ballot stuffing, please!

CageyJay said...

It is a quest, right? If you go to Patience, she's going to want something in trade for the trousers and every other item. And likely the trades will involve some long, involved process to obtain.

Unless she wants Alan's soul. That would be quick but entirely unequitable.

Anonymous said...

I voted for Patience.
Seeing the results, I would like to change my vote to Rhys.

Anonymous said...

Hey, the bell stopped dinging! That can't be the real trousers!

Anonymous said...

Oh, no, they are real, and it is going off. I'll stop rapid-posting now.

Andrew said...

Anonymous tiebreaker: thank you!