Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Now that you're decent, HENRY escorts you upstairs and out of the DEATH'S HEAD PUB, leaving the RESTROOM ZOMBIE in perplexed contemplation of the PLUNGER affixed to his FOREHEAD. According to your TROUSERS RADAR, you seem to be heading towards your PURLOINED PANTS. What a stroke of luck!

You're in some sort of ROOM! Behind you is the STAIRWAY down to the PUB, but you doubt HENRY will let you back in. Beside you is a MULE KICK HANDCART with two boxes. A ZOMBIE BUTLER is nearby, but he doesn't seem to be as fixated by your SWEET BRAIN as most ZOMBIES do... in fact, he seems rather distracted by something to the EAST.

Exits are UP (stairs), DOWN (blocked), WEST (corridor) and EAST (another corridor!)!

Also, you feel an odd sense of deja-vu, even though you're sure you've never been here before.


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Andrew said...

Chronoport Rhys back in! We're dying here!