Monday, April 10, 2017

374 - Barter for FOOD

While the MERCENARY, finished with his SOLILOQUY, continues to wonder about the DEAL with these SKULLS, the CAPTAIN sees a possible solution to their MONETARY SLASH COMESTIBLE PROBLEMS.

The CAPTAIN offers to exterminate the OLD FOOD MUN's little MUS MUSCULUS problem in exchange for some MONEY AND SLASH OR FOOD. The CAPTAIN is confident that someone willing to get their HANDS dirty should be able to clean up the RIOTOUS RODENTS post haste. (That someone to do the cleaning is, of course, the MERCENARY.)

The OLD FOOD MUN notes that the MICE seem to be taking care of their own business. The two VERMIN seem to be having a right old TUSSLE. Back and forth. Over and over. Gosh, the EXCITEMENT is figuratively MURDER.

The MERCENARY decides he has no CLUE as to what the DEAL is with these SKULLS. Stupid ANCIENT KNICKKNACKS.

>Build a better MOUSETRAP


RoverDaddy said...

I'm hoping these decorative AND SLASH OR ceremonial SKULLS are similar to the more usual organic kind, in terms of being HOLLOW. If so, each one could be used as a CAGE to trap one of the MICE.

Anonymous said...


Ray Yaegle said...

Engage in activities that require the AUTHOR to draw and design a needlessly complicated MOUSE TRAP. Or, perhaps borrow heavily from the HALL OF DEATHTRAPS.