Friday, April 7, 2017

373 - Retrieve SKULL from TRASH

Seven years pass. The same joke returns. The wheel keeps spinning, eternal.
The MERCENARY notices and extracts the JET AND SAPPHIRE SKULL from the WASTE RECEPTACLE. He looks at it sadly for a moment before holding it aloft and saying a few WORDS.

Apparently, this sort of thing is not uncommon.

>Barter for FOOD


Andrew said...

I didn't realize that I did this joke before (seven years ago) until I was almost done with the graphic. Holding skulls is comedy gold!

Ray Yaegle said...

Ask OLD FOOD MUN for a sweet KNOWLEDGE: LOCAL check. What is the deal with all these skulls?

Also, keep digging that gold mine, buddy.

RoverDaddy said...

Combine SKULL MUSTACHEOD and SKULL to create a TWO-FACED HORROR. I have no idea what that will be good for, except maybe for some LULZ. Who knows, LULZ may come in handy.