Monday, April 24, 2017


One of the brochures bears the traditional SIGIL OF PERIL, also known as an exclamation point in a triangle. If it truly bears ANCIENT WISDOM, perhaps reading it will save you from some HORRIBLE MISSTEP that would lead to your UNTIMELY DEMISE.
While you can't directly translate the ANCIENT WISDOM, you can sort of tell what it says. I mean, kind of. There's an unpleasant amount of guesswork involved. The main thing that you can glean is that you must not anger the great god KURDZTILTN, lest you face his unbearable, BLOOD-CURDLING WRATH and NIGH-IMMEDIATE VENGEANCE. Staying on his good side shouldn't be too difficult, right? (Also, the PAMPHLET says, don't trigger the SECURITY SYSTEM. It's there for your protection.)

Well, nothing to do now but to walk across the ROOM (without tripping) and head EAST to whatever is---SWEET KURDZTILTN!

>Have a nice TRIP


Ray Yaegle said...

Oh no! Better try to ACTION ROLL and definitely DO NOT fall directly onto a WEAPON DISPLAY. That VERY ANCIENT DAGGER looks DANGEROUS. Could it be the MCGUFFIN OF LEGEND?

Tom said...

have a nice TRIP

Unknown said...

Close eyes and wait for it all to end.