Friday, April 28, 2017

382 - Brace for DANGER

That's... that's not bracing for DANGER. That's just lying there, SCHOLAR.

Oh, dear.

>Come up with a PLAN


Ray Yaegle said...

Remove​ HAT from the LASER. Don't lay down and DIE, Scholar! Don't PROVE THE CAPTAIN RIGHT!

RoverDaddy said...

Since the JIG is UP as it were (unlike you), as far as the LASER BEAMS are concerned, search the CONTROL PANEL. Hopefully the KNIFE wielding ANCIENTS are too ANCIENT to move very fast.

Unknown said...

DUAL-WIELD the CLUBS, in an attempt to FEND OFF the ANCIENTS, until help has time to arrive!

As soon as it does, ROLL OUT under security door, ducking back only briefly to GRAB HAT.

Andrew said...

They're not going to dual-wield in tomorrow's ALREADY WRITTEN COMIC, but that's definitely going to happen.