Friday, August 25, 2017

433 - Let the GAMES begin

All right.

Your MODELS are deployed in a classic FORMATION, refusing the right flank. With your RANGED attacks and your OPPONENT's lack thereof, you'll be able to take out the ENEMY as they approach, also using your DRAGONEER to skirmish and your SNIPER to pick off high value TARGETS. By the time the BATTLE ends, you'll have killed several of his PIECES and he won't even reach your FORCES. It's a solid plan. After all, you're a CAPTAIN and well-versed in TACTICS and SKIRMISH WARFARE.

Plus, as your OPPONENT begins his first turn of moving PIECES around, he is repeatedly slowed by the need to recite, in a language he's not totally familiar with, the names and moves of his LUCHADORES.

You've got this all wrapped up. The only way you could delay it any further was if you had the SCHOLAR'S AUTONOMOUS DRONING ability. As your OPPONENT stammers on, you wonder what the SCHOLAR is up to....

>Finish boarding up DOORWAY

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Ray Yaegle said...

Oh man, I bet the SCHOLAR is TOTALLY FINE and nothing has ever gone wrong in his whole life.