Friday, August 4, 2017


Under the INVISIBILITY SPELL, you silently use CHARADES to inform the WITCH of your CUNNING PLAN to infiltrate the POLICE. Somehow, she understands and casts a GLAMOUR on you, changing your appearance to more closely approximate OFFICER FIVE-O. It's... not perfect. It appears that some portion of OFFICER SMOKEY also made it into the design....

The SUPER COPS seem to be moving EAST through this room. What do you do?



Ray Yaegle said...

Elect WITCH as MVP of the adventure.

Prepare to deploy BLUFF against SUPER COPS if spotted.

SNEAK west.

Tom said...

what RAY said

also reconfirm that WEST is the DOOR OUT OF THE TEMPLE, which has recently been described as THE DOOR TO THE EAST

HelperBot said...

The DOOR leading out of the TEMPLE is, in fact, the DOOR to the WEST. Any references to that door as "the DOOR to the EAST" should be considered MISLEADING MISINFORMATION spread by ENEMIES of the PEOPLE.

Andrew said...

And it's fixed.