Monday, August 21, 2017

431 - Read entire ERRATA

Having been given the ERRATA, you stall for time by reading the entire thing. All four pages of bulleted, size 10, mostly double-columned Times New Roman rules changes. This will take some time. Might as well take in your surroundings!

You are in the CONVENTION HALL of the TEMPLE OF THE ANCIENT WEAPON. There is a TOURNAMENT underway, with an IVORY AND RUBY SKULL (currently behind SECURITY GLASS) as the GRAND PRIZE. Your own (previously obtained) SKULLS are stacked behind a convenient POTTED PLANT in the corner.

Four pairs of COMBATANTS (one pair out of frame to the WEST) stand at four BATTLE TABLES (one table out of frame to the WEST). Other than yourself, all of the other COMBATANTS are small, horned, and red.

One additional RED FELLOW with a MONOCLE is manning the REGISTRATION/SALES/MISC TABLE. He seems to be the one in charge.

Ah, and you've found a rule that might just help.

>Be pedantic


Ray Yaegle said...

Try to get the EXTRA MINI off the top of the DISPLAY CASE to pad out your team. He is wearing a HAT. That probably makes him close enough to a COWBOY, right?

Unknown said...

That extra mini looks like a permanent stat boat to me. Don't not grab it.

Tom said...

remind OPPONENT about the RULE wherein you must, at all times, declare attacks and maneuvers using their full, unabbreviated names - given the luchadors' attacks and maneuvers all have long, complicated names in Spanish, we can hope to trip him up on it sometime, or at the very least it will help stall