Wednesday, August 16, 2017


While there are many good choices, you opt to customize a COWBOY WARBAND from the available PRE-MADE WARBAND MODELS. Leaving aside a few, you take six COWBOY INFANTRY and two COWBOY HEAVY UNITS. Your list consists of:
  • Sheriff (53 points)
  • Unionja (38 points)
  • Gunslinger with Double Revolvers (33 points)
  • Bandit (25 points)
  • Cardsharp (29 points)
  • Sharpshooter with Long Tom Rifle (47 points)
  • Cowboy Cannoneer (58 points)
  • Cowboy Dragoneer (115 points)
All shall fear your 398 points of COWBOY WRATH! ALL SHALL FEAR IT!!!

Your first opponent, the TINY LUCHA LIBRE FAN, asks if you are ready to begin the first round of LIFE OR DEATH TABLETOP WARGAMING.

>Maybe leave?


Ray Yaegle said...

... is there any chance that we could say NO THANKS and leave without playing?

Anonymous said...

Brush off this NERD and leave, citing OBSCURE RULES.

Unknown said...

Note that he lacks the WILD WILD WESTEROS expansion rulebook, and lie dramatically about the power of your Dragon Rider.

Spareparts said...

Deny the right flank during setup. Take advantage of his lack of ranged units. Dragon everything getting too cloe to your guys. Sneak up the Unionja to assassinate his most expensive infantry unit.