Wednesday, June 7, 2017

423 - Go through POSTER

Clambering through the torn POSTER, you find yourself in a small CRAWL SPACE, barely large enough for yourself, your DEMIPIKES, and SKULLY THE SKULL. As the SPIKED WALLS close behind you in the PIT, you breathe an uneasy SIGH OF RELIEF. You've escaped, but a SIGN on the WALL implies that you are not safe just yet.

Oh, and you left PLANTY THE PLANT behind. You hope he's OK.

(He's not.)
>Check behind this SIGN


Anonymous said...

Be composted?

Ray Yaegle said...

Crawl toward FALSE HOPE.

Tom said...

check WICKED AWESOME POCKETS for HOPE (false or otherwise)

Spareparts said...

Check the SIGN for a secret EXIT from the FALSE ESCAPE.