Friday, June 2, 2017

397 - Upgrade PIKE, escape PIT

Utilizing the modular blade system inherent in your late-model PIKE, the MERCENARY attaches and locks in the CARBON FIBER REINFORCED POLYMER SPIKE. With both ends spike-ified, you stick the PIKE between the SPIKED WALLS. When the walls are closed enough, the PIKE braces against them, forming a semi-stable platform.

The CAPTAIN, taking both DECORATED SKULLS, climbs up onto the PIKEFORM from on top of the MERCENARY'S HEAD. The CAPTAIN half-heartedly says some platitudes about coming back for the MERCENARY before climbing up onto the SECURITY CAMERA and out of the PIT.

The MERCENARY, despite his broken LEG, begins to formulate a PLAN to climb up when, with a snap, the PIKE fractures.
Aw, snap.



Ray Yaegle said...

Try to climb out hand over hand, using PIKE HALVES like PITONS on the stone wall.

Spareparts said...

Hold the SKULL in front of the SECURITY CAMERA like a sock puppet in order to trigger an UNDEAD ALARM.

Unknown said...

TOPPLE the potted plant in ANGER!