Monday, June 5, 2017

398 - Assault POTTED PLANT

In your fury at this ridiculous predicament, you knock over the POTTED PLANT with your SINISTER DEMIPIKE. This happens to drag the BLADE across the POSTER, cutting a large, sinister SLASH through it, which happens to reveal a large, sinister post-POSTER space behind it. It's too dark to see where the space leads.

Shortly thereafter, a ROPE is lowered down into the PIT (a veritable DEUS EX TUMICLA). Could this be the CAPTAIN actually helping for once? Or perhaps something far... more... sinister?
  • If you enter the SPACE behind the POSTER, turn to page 423.
  • If you climb the ROPE, turn to page 518.
  • If you wait to see how this whole CRUSHING WALL thing plays out, turn to page 239.

Wait, no, that's not right. What do you do?

>Go through POSTER


Unknown said...

Dive into the space behind the poster. It might be helpful to fall off the radar for a bit...

Ray Yaegle said...


Tom said...

Turn to page 423

Anonymous said...

Apologize to POTTED PLANT. It didn't deserve this any more than MERCENARY or SKULLY.