Wednesday, June 21, 2017

405 - Inquire about much-needed MEDICAL ASSISTANCE

You've been a real TROOPER about this whole "broken leg" thing, but the fact is, it is three or four hundred percent more painful than you've been letting on. You ask Dave (as he fetches himself a REFILL) whether (A) he is a DOCTOR or (B) if there is a MEDICAL FACILITY nearby. Dave laughs at the very NOTION that he is a DOCTOR and informs you that he's the HANDYMAN of the TEMPLE OF THE ANCIENT WEAPON. It's his job to keep everything up and running (and that ain't easy, mind you). There used to be a DOCTOR on site, but that was before the vicious series of deathtrap-related accidents that killed most of the STAFF in horrific sacrifices to sate the never-ending thirst of the dark---

Dave remembers his MANNERS and offers you PUNCH.

Would you like some punch?

>Accept PUNCH


Tom said...

accept PUNCH

ask DAVE for some DUCT TAPE (which, being a HANDYMAN, he must have)

fashion a SPLINT

Ray Yaegle said...

Take the PUNCH and consume it. See if EATING SOMETHING mysteriously restores your physical form at an accelerated rate, like in a VIDEO GAME.

Anonymous said...

Accept PUNCH. Take a SIP. Do a classic SPIT TAKE regarding the HORRIFIC SACRIFICES.

Chad Silva said...

MISINTERPRET his offer as a threat, and PUNCH DAVE.

Spareparts said...

Just what is up with that TOOTHBRUSH?

Roman lesnar said...

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