Monday, June 13, 2011

332 - Go NORTH

You come out the NORTH end of the SOUTH ALLEY and look to your WEST. There is a COFFEE SHOP here called "Starboards" which is still open and serving DRINKS (probably to keep these PIRATES fighting through the night). There are a few TABLES in front of the SHOP, along with a wonderful RIVERFRONT VIEW to the WEST.

Three GRIZZLED PIRATES stand by the EDGE, staring off across the RIVER. They appear to be watching the PUGILISTIC ACTIVITIES with calm but keen INTEREST, seemingly unworried by the occasional NINJA STAR, KUNAI or EXPLOSIVE that flies their way. Other persons of interest include the BARRISTA in the SHOP who is serving one of STEELWOOD CORSAIR'S CREW, the aforementioned CREWMAN and one of the blue-clothed PIRATE GUARDS like you've seen all over the ISLAND.

Exits are NORTH through the NORTH ALLEY, WEST into the RIVER, EAST down this STREET and SOUTH back through the SOUTH ALLEY to the BRIDGE SQUARE.

What do you do?

>Expose NINJA, talk to CREWMAN


Anonymous said...

Point out that the GUARD is clearly a NINJA IN DISGUISE. When NO ONE thinks you're correct, point out that NINJAS are MASTERS OF DISGUISE to surely make THEM realize you are telling the TRUTH.

RoverDaddy said...

Obviously we must search the TRASH for some TREASURE since X marks the spot.

Tom said...

consider getting a CUP OF COFFEE, but become outraged at RIDICULOUS PRICES, OUTLANDISH SIZES and BIZARRE NAMES


Anonymous said...

That guy is twice as tall as anyone else so he must be important.

Anonymous said...

Tell CREWMAN about PIRATE THAT CLAIMS WE OWE HIM A FAVOR. Steelwood Corsair has his head screwed on right and will know if this is a trap.