Wednesday, June 22, 2011

340 - Use BANDAGE, go EAST!

As a STRONG, INDEPENDENT WOMAN, you shake off your DAYDREAM and get down to business patching up your ARM (using your WICKED AWESOME HANDKERCHIEF).

JET: I'm glad I could help. Don't worry, I won't jump in front of any more knives any time soon.
IM (IMPRESSIVE MAN): Good ta hear.

You decide to head EAST and look around for M. BISON. He seems to have headed off on his own somewhere. Oh well, he can look out for himself. He's a freaking LIEUTENANT, after all! Strangely, you seem to have picked up CREWMAN #18 as a REPLACEMENT PARTY MEMBER since he's following you as you head out. Before you leave, the IMPRESSIVE MAN* glances over to you one more time.

IM (IMPRESSIVE MAN): By the by, lass. Ya seem ta be able to take care o' yerself, but here's a friendly word o' warnin'. Watch out fer two gents name o' Steelwood Corsair and Manbreath Threeplank. They're the right devils, lass.... Safe sailing.

You head EAST.

*On closer inspection, the Impressive Man's two-toned eyes come from the fact that his left eye (or right, if you're facing him) is pink, like a lot of blood vessels burst or he has pink-eye or something. Probably just another one of his many wounds.**

**Editor's note: FUN FACT! This links to a design evolution picture!


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