Wednesday, June 29, 2011


You (I) are (am) in your (my) SECRET WEBCOMIC LAIR. You (I) are (am) somewhat unhappy with your (my) PREVIOUS WEBCOMIC. You (I) are (am) very sorry for its DISTINCT LACK OF QUALITY and have decided to try it again TOMORROW. For tonight, you (I) plan to lounge around the LAIR, drink a SODA and play with some of your (my) STUFF, not even bothering to put up a COMIC.

Or... maybe you'll (I'll) put up a "META" COMIC.

Whatev (er).



Anonymous said...

Damn, you've got some nice hardware in that secret lair.

Reboot broken CPUs. Try out the Canadian Curling game while you wait. WEAR the CROWN to boost morale. Check the status of the wicked awesome game on the floor.

Anonymous said...

When did we get that NASTY SCAR?

Anonymous said...

Explain the DUCK.

Tom said...

be... META?