Thursday, July 7, 2011

345 - Consider LAMP SELECTION

BRAXLEY comes back bearing two different LAMPS. Apparently, your ORDERS were a tad VAGUE. You tell him to hold on to the OLD-TIMEY GENIE LAMP YOU MIGHT FIND A GENIE IN and to set up the FLOOR LAMP by the dying (but oddly patient) NINJA. You explain that you will be playing the role of BAD COP, while BRAXLEY is to attempt to be GOOD COP.

As he sets up the proper LAMP for INTERROGATION, BRAXLEY asks if you have any more last minute instructions. Like... specific questions. Or really, anything in particular to... um... interrogate the NINJA about.

>Interrogate NINJA, finally!


Anonymous said...

How many of you were sent? What are your targets? What do you want on your tombstone (pizza)? And you'd better not say fish!

Anonymous said...

Does THIS hurt? (At this POINT gingerly push SWORD slightly further in. WE are BAD COP, after ALL.)

NOW then, why were YOU trying to assassinate IRONBEARD MCBEARD? As opposed to the other PIRATE NOBLES? Are there MORE of YOU?

(Apologies for anyone who thinks that's a bit gruesome. I've been both the DM and the player for WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too many captured prisoner scenes in tabletop RPGs.)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

What are you NINJA SECRETS? How did you HIDE in PLAIN SITE?