Wednesday, July 26, 2017

420 - Ask WITCH to magically remove BALL AND CHAIN

You ask the WITCH to magically remove the BALL AND CHAIN on your ANKLE using her WITCHY MAGICKS.

With nothing better to do at the non, she complies. While the SPELL is being cast, you ask her about where she came from. She says the last thing she remembers, she met a NICE GUY at a BAR and then some CREEP attacked them and they got separated. She'd like to find the NICE GUY again at some point if possible.

The WITCH completes the spell and your LEG suddenly feels a whole lot less burdened.


>Ask WITCH to join PARTY


Ray Yaegle said...

The mage and the rogue are obviously equipped to solo this dungeon. Add WITCH to party and go exploring!

Anonymous said...

Kick BALL AND CHAIN through TELEVISION SET out of spite!

Tom said...

tell WITCH that you're definitely cooler than THAT NICE GUY