Wednesday, July 19, 2017

417 - Be CAPTAIN

As the CAPTAIN of the EXPEDITION, it falls on you to...

OK, we're actually the PRISONER again.

You and your CRACK TEAM of SUPER SCIENTISTS stare intently at the SPACE-TIME DISTORTION RIFT. According to your meticulous and totally scientific RESEARCH, something big should be happening soon. Any moment now, really. This is the culmination of all of your work thus far on the EXPEDITION and should bring about something absolutely game-changing, something so monumental and momentous that there's no way you can adequately describe how monumental and momentous it will be.

Staring intently at the RIFT will have to suffice for the NONCE. But any moment now, SOMETHING* will happen.

What could it be?


*Both monumental and momentous, presumably


Ray Yaegle said...

The ANCIENT WEAPON will be revealed!!

Tom said...

RHYS, JET, CAD, ALAN and a DUCK step out of the RIFT. Wait, a DUCK? No, I'm mistaken. There's no DUCK.

Anonymous said...

Destroy this DIMENSION and replace it with a nearly identical PLAYING CARD MOTIF DIMENSION