Friday, September 1, 2017

436 - Chat with MARK

You stride over to MARK and attempt to calm his FEARS. He's nice. Despite how jumpy he seems to be, you're sure that once he calms down everything will be copacetic.

Even though you've just met him, it's like you can read his whole LIFE just by looking at him....

MARK has led a productive LIFE, despite his somewhat difficult UPBRINGING. From a poor FAMILY, he managed (through hard WORK) to earn a PRESTIGIOUS SCHOLARSHIP, which he parlayed into graduating at the top of his CLASS with a DEGREE in MECHANICAL ENGINEERING. He and his long-term GIRLFRIEND have been getting serious about their RELATIONSHIP and he plans to shortly propose MARRIAGE. Everything about his LIFE is going great! Nothing could possibly go wrong.

So what the heck is he so panicky about?

>Collect HAT


Ray Yaegle said...

Man, MARK seems really upset that THE SCHOLAR has left his HAT on the floor!

Better hope that in crossing the
ROOM to bend down and collect HAT, the ANCIENT MANNEQUIN busts through that window and finishes off TOURIST (MALE) while comically missing THE SCHOLAR.

Spareparts said...

defy the TROPE and reveal you've been aware of TOURIST (MALE)'s CONDITION but didn't say anything in order to not tip him off about your PLAN